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Re: i need help, i think I'm developing an ED and i don't know what to do


There were some things you mentioned that I have thought before so many times.

"I know what I'm doing is wrong but I honestly can't stop."

I use to think that every time there was a plate of food in front of me and I couldn't eat it "right" without chew & spitting, purging, abusing laxatives or throwing it away. I spent six years saying that. There were no days off. It's a non-stop obsession.

I am so glad that you want to stop.

"I really want to know how I can save myself from developing and ED without help from others. "

You mentioned several "behaviors" that have happened in the past year: restricting, looking at thinspo, chew & spitting, using mineral oil, distorted body image, feeling obsessed & guilty about eating, and you have a family history of eating disorders.

You have been given really great advise. But I am concerned with this:

"Perhaps make a deal with them, for example that you will go to see a psychologist in two months if you haven’t made progress – they are your parents, they love you, and they only want to help.

There are some things you can do on your own to stop eating disorder behaviors BUT at the same, keep in mind that eating disorders can be progressive.

In two months you might also develop new purging or restricting behaviors. Please don't try to make a deal with your parents about getting help or put if off. (Especially, if you are planning to go away for college soon. Major life changes can trigger an eating disorder.)

A trained psychologist will help you develop coping skills to fight the urge to use eating disordered behaviors. Because you already have several behaviors, I am truly concerned that you might develop bulimia or develop an addiction to laxatives.

Before I got professional help, I spent about five months trying to stop chew & spitting. I was successful but then I started using diet pills and exercised excessively. When I tried to quit that, I started using all kinds of laxatives. When I tried to quit the laxatives, I started to restrict. I wasted so much time (and caused a lot of physical damage) trying to recover on my own.

You are so young and close to leaving for college. I had to withdraw from college for a couple of semesters and now all my professors know about my ED. Please see the psychologist. Will you keep us updated?

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