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Re: Persistent Flank Pain on Right Side

Since May 2010 I have experienced the back pain you refer to and on consulting my doctor he said that it was osteo arthritis. My main concern was it could be something more sinister and he arranged an X Ray of my spine and chest, which he said proved his osteo arthritis theory.
Since then I have tried to find ways to relieve the almost constant pain. The doctor having made his diagnosis, simply left me hanging from a cliff with little hope.
I have gone from pulled muscles to slipped disc to suspecting that my heart surgery had left me with rib truma etc.
Now I am going to suggest something completely radical. On reading some of your earlier postings circa 2003 - 2005 I became aware that almost everyone complained that the pain was on the right side of the body with very few saying it was on the left side.
With some "off the wall" thinking I am now pondering the thought that most people are righthanded and very few lefthanded.
If this is indeed significant could it be that what we are seeing is Repetitive Strain Injuries?
Given that pressure on nerves anywhere in body can effect any organ in the body, symptoms like constipation, muscle mass loss, appetite loss and almost continuous pain, that I suffer from, makes this assumption appear plausable.
To reinforce this theory, about a year ago I accquired a further small dog in addition to the one I already had.
I walk approximately 20 miles per week and spend 14 hours doing so and of course my dogs tend to pull and jerk me in all directions with the lead in my right hand and with one small dog I have unkowningly coped. The addition of the new dog I believe could be pushing me too far.
To test this I have ordered a dog walking belt to which I can attach the dog leads thereby taking the strain from my upper body. I am looking forward to observing the result of this course of action.
Will keep you informed.