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Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

Many years back (15 years or so) I was diagnosed with an internal hemmorhoid. I had some blood after a BM and pain. Went on a high fiber and water diet for a week and all symptoms went away.
Over the past few years, I would have a very hard stool and get the same feeling I had back with the internal hemmorhoids. Again I went on a high fiber and water diet and the issue went away.
Now about 8 months ago, again I had a hard stool. The feeling was like passing shards of glass and there was blood. I assumed internal hemmorhoids. I conducted my home remedies with limited success.

I have some extremely small discomfort during a BM (maybe 2/10 on pain scale at start of BM) and during the BM, I feel great!! About 1 hr after the BM I have pain, but still only about 4/10 on the pain scale maximum. This lasts many hours. Almost like a bruise pain. Not throbbing or searing - just sore.
I went to my GP (I am in Canada - so I need to be referred to a CR surgeon). He conducted a digital exam and applied pressure in the 4 quandrants of my internal sphincter. Now the pain increased during this exam (maybe 8/10) and it was honestly difficult to tell which position hurt the most, but I think the 12 o'clock position was the worst (towards the spine). He figures its a chronic anal fissure.
I was prescribed proctosedil (pain suppository) and go on Metamucil with Colace for 3 weeks.

It has now been 8 weeks with no real benefit. I am very consistent as I have a BM at around 10 am every day. For most of the day I have some slight pain (slightly more when sitting). By night and the next morning I have no pain at all.

However, I am confused because most people who post for anal fissures have extreme pain and are afraid of a BM. It just feels like my inner sphincter is 'raw'. When I squeeze my sphincter muscle, I can feel discomfort. I get sharp pains in the inner sphincter when I cough hard or sneeze (only within the first 6 hrs after a BM - no pain after this time). I also find relief from the low level pain by 'pushing' with my stomach muscles (like pushing out a BM).
Anyone else have such symptoms? Probably going to set up an appointment with my GP to follow up in the next week.

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