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Re: A little help?

Originally Posted by JohnR41 View Post

I think many of us have had a touch of it at one time or another, like on Thanksgiving and other occasions. It's like the person who drinks to excess only on weekends; he or she is still an alcoholic. It's just the extent to which it happens that's different. And it's usually the result of an unresolved emotional issue, in my opinion.

There once was a study of obese women that had an interesting result. The finding was that anything emotional was translated as hunger. They purposely made them angry or frustrated and then asked them how they felt. And instead of saying they felt angry or frustrated, they said they felt hungry.

Ive heard about that stuff. And I believe it could be emotional problems for me as well. I had a somewhat rough childhood and I always turned to food for comfort. And now at 17, Im not even obese but Im not a toothpick either, I could stand to loose some weight though. I just want to stop the eating whenever something is wrong. Thanks for the input!