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confused then hurt


i knew guy less than a year. at first, i could see that he was being friendly. then my friends told me that he could be interested. he teased me. he noticed what i wore. he made fun. we went out for movie. 1st time with other friend. 2nd time only me and him but we paid our own then we went out again, he paid my share. from all sorts of things he did i could feel that we might we able to be more than friends in future. but there was once, when i sent him an image through phone (he drew sthg on the whiteboard). his immediate replied was asking me to rub it off. he did not want others to think that i miss him. he said he did not want anyone to miss him even his family..even when he is gone. sometimes later he said now he tries to concentrate on job and does not want strings attached so that he could leave without hesitation. we argued a bit over text msgs. he asked me if i trust with my life. i tried to find out his intention but he said no answer was and answer itself. he will not open up to someone who doesnt trust him completely. he put me into doubts. i tried to explain but he said too late. he needs to keep a distance. but if i still wish to be friend it is ok other wise he is fine with just being colleague. i told him NO. he ruined the bond of friendship already. but i am still confused why he suddenly acted like that and i do feel hurt as my sincere friendship to him got spoil just like that.

can anyone pls talk to me about this? sigh.

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