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Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

When I was 18 I had a motorcycle accident (nearly four years ago) which left my leg in a bit of a mess; I had to have a muscle from my back totally removed and inserted into my leg to plug missing muscle tissue, my tibia and fibia were so badly smashed they had to remove approximately 4cm of the bone. I then had an exterior frame fitted to my leg which was under compression to try and get the breaks to cement together, another break was delibirately made below my knee on the tibia and fibia and the frame was then put under tension and extended slowly to make up for the loss of bone. When I was finally discharged I was still finding it incredibly difficult to walk. On closer inspection the surgeons found that I had the highest grade arthiritus around my ankle and lower ankle/foot joints. Back in June I had a triple arthrodesis, this is basically a fusion with metal pins between the joints in my foot/ankle (that allow your ankle to rotate and pitch left and right) to the main ankle joint. I was recently fully discharged with a final follow up appointment that deamed the operation was a complete success.
I am still having great difficulty getting around as my ankle is giving me a lot of pain, on top of this it is nearly impossible for me to walk up inclines. I went to see two consultants and they basically gave me two differing views. Either a pan talur fusion (fixing your main ankle joint to the tibia with metal pins) or a below the knee amputation. He did say that if I was to have the pan talur fusion I would need a rocker sole fitted to all my shoes to allow me to ''limp'' not walk, this would be because the foot would be tottally rigid.
I think that I would like to go down the below the knee amputation route as I think this would allow me to live an active lifestyle, like I did before the accident. Obviously I do not want to jump into anything without listening to other peoples views. Is the below the knee amputation the right choice? what is it like living with a prosthesis?

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