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Re: Questions about odd eating disorder

Hi, wow, I'm not 100% sure what to say, but I see no one has I thought that I'd put in my two cents.
Eating disorders are a mental disorder, and I do believe he has a mental disorder. It sounds like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and it's getting out of hand. There are lots of psychologist out there that could help him. It's just like someone who is obsessed with cleanliness. It starts of with one or two things, then it grows and grows and gets worse and worse, then all of a sudden it's out of control. He is making it all up in his head and he is convincing himself of so much that is not true. Knowing he needs help is one thing, but getting him to know he needs help is another thing. I'm sure there are professionals out there that will listen and help him.
Good luck!
Oh and p.s. my only advise to friends and family is to not stare or make him feel uncomfortable. Until he gets professional help, just love him and let him be. He's still your uncle and he wants to be loved, appreciated and remembered as a person, not a disorder.