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Re: Thought Broadcasting

JMan73 sounds like you have gone through a lot of the same crap that I have been dealing with over the past decade. I'm still not sure what's real or not in all this, but I have at least made some realizations.

One important realization for me is that people don't tend to hold grudges against you for thinking something strange even though they may seem to be negative about it right then. If you're in a positive mood one day, it doesn't matter too much what you were like the day before.

I also felt for a long time like the world was expecting me to be some kind of braindead zombie, but I don't think that's the case anymore. These days I just try to keep a clear head and stay focused on the external world when I'm among people, socializing or at work. And be introspective only when I'm by myself.

As for what it is actually happening, my main theory (if it is real) is that human minds / consciousness are entangled on some basic level in kind of the same way that quantum entanglement works.
Also, Carl Jung said that all human beings have psychic abilities which most of us repress, called the Shadow. Maybe some people, like us, are unable to control their "shadow" abilities for some reason.
Or maybe it's all just delusions and hallucinations. I've grown such a thick skin for it that it pretty much doesn't bother me anymore and I just try to ignore it and move on whenever it happens.

Anyway, stay strong, and good luck in dealing with your problems!

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