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Re: Was told not to tell anyone

Your post really touched me because I am in a methadone treatment program and while I do not have it there are so many fun and interesting people that I have met in my program that do. Sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place. My first question if u dont mind is who specifically are you wanting to tell that he is against anyone specific or just anyone in general. I honestly think for your own sanity and emotional stability you need a support network that you can reach out to, so you need some people to know. I am always there for my friends ill or not and I think it is selfish for him to deny you the aliance you need to fight through this. I get the idea of boundaries..maybe noone close to his work or daily acquaintances but you need to be able to reach out hopefully I have overshot and you do have this in your life anyhow reach out and hang in there