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Re: cutting

My daughter began therapy immediately after being baker acted. She began with 9 hours therapy, 3 hours of family therapy. I believe that she has shared her problems with her therapist. The therapist has told me during group therapy that my daughter has alot of respect for me and that we have a wonderful relationship. Going by the little information I get it appears her issues are with her father and her brother. The therapist has indicated that there are many issues with them. Unfortunately, her dad lives in CA and her brother is in college in CA and her dad does not believe he has done anything that could be construed as an issue. My daugher has indicated that she was very much so verbally abused by her dad and she is right. This is one of the things that led to my divorce.

We have a system down now. She does not want to talk to me about her issues and I respect her wishes and do not push her. She talks a little about things but not much. I do ask her what her stress level is and if it is high we try to work through it. She has had one melt down and punched a telephone pole and brused her hand. This was right before Christmas before her brother came home.

She has been diagnosed with ADH and anxiety disorder and depression. She is now on Lexapro and Stratera. They seem to be helping, but I have to very observent especially when her dad or brother come to the area.

Through therapy she has made friends and seems to be doing ok for now. I know this can change at any time, and I look for the signs of stress/hurt building.

She knows I am there for her and support her 100%. I believe this will be a life long process for her. Unfortunately, I also know that some of her issues will never be fully worked out with her dad and brother.