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Re: scar tissue

[QUOTE=tetonteri66;4652282]If you run a search for artificial disc replacement, you will come up with tons of information. They are more commonly used in Europe and the UK than in the US.

I do not have any personal experience with ADR but I would strongly suggest that you check out your surgeon's experience before agreeing to this surgery. You should be convinced that it is appropriate for your problems and that he has done the procedure many times.

The problem with ADR is that IF something goes wrong, it is extremely difficult to remove once it is in place.

Also, if your search for ADR on this forum, you should come up with some experiences of people on the board.

When is the surgery scheduled for?[/QUOTE]
Thank you for your quick reply...The surgeon wants to do it as soon as possible as I'm just not getting any better, the pain is increasing a lot. I had another nerve conduction test that showed my nerve in my left leg was getting worse. The surgeon has told me basically it's my only option. I don't get any relief unless I'm flat on my back and drugs. I'm under the impression I have no other option. Thanks again !!