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Re: Thought Broadcasting

I know what you're going through. I can help you. All you have to do is try one thing. You'll see that it quiets everything down. Also knowing the causes of the thought broadcasting will help. However, the thing I want you to try is heart meditation. If you're able to visualize your heart, and more or less any location within it, you might be able to focus on it. This alone can stop the thought broadcasting from happening. However, I think you should know what exactly is going on when you hear your own thoughts, and the mental responses of others.

These really aren't your thoughts. And you're probably all ready aware of that in the back of your head. You know, before you got ill, that you didn't hear your thoughts the way you do now. You might have had a jumble of stuff going on inside your head, but none of this perverted stuff, that so conveniently happens to **** the people around you off so much, that you're basically scared for your life at some points.

I know. I've had the voices of many people in my head as well. Some get very hostile. Very few are able to deal with mental telepathy. Everyone in general would rather be left alone. So, it makes sense that people are saying, "shut the ef up" and so on.

The whole thing is basically a trick, let's call it. And it works like this. A little thought impulse is created in your heart. Believe me, you don't create that impulse. Something else does. A good way of testing it is trying to create the impulse your self. You felt it a million times by now. You get the impulse and then you hear it translated, and then the person it's directed at starts talking to you. You don't want to have anything to do with them, and it basically just starts to get hostile. There's nothing pleasant about it.

So, when you get that impulse and you hear yourself commenting, ignore it for a moment and try to create the feeling of the impulse yourself. You'll find that you can't. Something might tell you it's spontaneous. It isn't. There's something very intelligent at work here.

Another test, is to create the sound of your own comments on your own. Just like the impulse in your heart, you won't be able to create the audible sound of your own self making the comment. The quality of the sound just won't be there. This should show you that you're not the one creating either the impulses or the sounds of the comments.

Why do we believe they're our own thoughts? We don't have much of a choice. The feeling of the thought comes from within us, and the sounds of our own voices is convincing enough to make it real. On top of all this, there's additional communication from other people. So, this little trick is convincing.

Here's the point. I won't say who or what is creating the thought-impulse in the heart, but I will definitively say that the creation of the thought happens in the heart. Who do you talk to? I've talked to a lot of people. People I know, people I don't know, people who are supposed to be dead, fictional characters, and even my self at the age of 35, which back then was supposed to be me. Schizophrenia is far too creative to be a simple disorganization of the mind.

You're fine. Everyone hears voices, whether they realize it or not, and whether they openly tell people or not. Some are just WAY worse off then others, and the whole thing becomes too much to bear. That's when the doctors come in.

But here's my recommendation for you. The next time you get the thought-impulse...that little spark which happens instantly before you hear yourself make a comment...if you're able to focus your attention on your heart, it will stop. Try to predict the frequency of the thought-broadcasting. I personally call this thought-insertion, but the terminology is confusing. Thought insertion mainly means a person feels that thoughts are being put into their head. And thought broadcasting mainly means that people are sure other people are hearing their thoughts. But it's the same thing, because something or someone or some reaction is putting the thought inside your head, and the result is that it gets broadcast to other people (supposedly).

What you should do is try to predict the frequency of when your comments come up. A person your not comfortable walks by and your just sure something is going to pop up in your head. DRILL your mind on your heart. PUT IT THERE! And don't leave it. PERSIST WITH IT! If the thoughts still get through, keep doing it. That little impulse starts from your heart, and then very quickly becomes words in your head. So if you penetrate your heart with the force of your will power, you will see that the little ******* behind you, on your shoulder who's putting these thoughts into you, won't be able to.

THAT is the amount of control you have over this illness. YOU can stop the impulses from happening in your heart. Once you've set your will power on your heart, you will be able to see the difference between what you really think and what the little ******* wants you to think. And if you're anything like me, you don't think all that much or very often. Maybe you used to think a lot when you were a kid, but if you're anything like me, you're mind's pretty blank most of the time. Doesn't mean anyone's stupid because of it.

Point is: When you KNOW that impulse isn't yours, the whole problem of people mentally replying to your comments will basically disappear.

First thing I started hearing when I finally realized this after so many months locked up in a heavy duty mental institution was, "Damn! I can't get him anymore." And then after that, I stuck my will power onto my heart as often and as much as I could. The offensive thoughts, those one's you're very able to hear in your head, but couldn't explain to anyone in words because they're just too abstract...all of those, I shot down. I shot the whole thing down one attempt at a time. And every time I shot down his attempt to make a noise, instead I heard him say, "Damn!" or "Sh*t!" ....cause he's funny that way. At least the guy gives you a chance. Otherwise, yes the thought-broadcast experience will drive a person to want death. On a locked ward, my only option was to bash my skull against the walls. I couldn't bring my self to do it, so I just sat on one of the wards, listening all day.

But then, I tell you truthfully, I focused all of my attention on my heart and I was able to stop the thoughts before they happened. It takes a little bit of detective work and some persistent focus, but anyone suffering from thought-broadcasting can make it stop.

After a while, realizing "Damn! I can't get him", I didn't even have to focus on my heart chakra. It was basically a case of the guy giving up, because he knew that there wasn't any fun to be had in it.

But people can hear our thoughts and we can hear theirs. It's complicated.

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