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Smile Re: Chronic fatigue and sex

Originally Posted by cfs Jake View Post
I was recently diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome though I've had symptoms for over three years. I have experienced a sharp drop in libido since my symptoms began, and also a loss of nighttime, involuntary erections. Is this "normal" with CFS? If so, what can be done? I've already been tested for hormones, which are normal, and been to a urologist, who also didn't find anything specific.

I've also considered the prospect that it is psychological, but doubt this. For one, the problem doesn't seem to reflect changes in mood at all and there have been no changes in my relationship since the illness. Also, it seems unlikely that involuntary erections would be affected if it was mood or anxiety related.

I wanted to ask others how this illness affects sex, and whether there are any remedies, strategies, tests, etc. they would recommend? Are there any sources for more information?

Many thanks!
CFS never really affected my sex drive. And interestingly, the only time I got completely well was thru a combination of restfull and sexually VERY active weekends and a regimen of rehydration (8 glasses of water per day). In two months I was in complete, I mean COMPLETE remission. Pity my employer was in the business of trying to get rid of me, and the stress from this resulted in a relapse.

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