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Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared

PrincessSweetNS - thanks so much for your really helpful response and all of your hope filled post!!As I was reading your post I could feel a little bit of my anxiety lessen. I got the call from the dr today and he wants me to go all natural for the first iui. So no clomid this time which I must say I was so surprised about. Bc after everything I read on the internet it seems like it is really important to have more eggs for a higher rate. But as I am not a doctor im surw the doctor knows what is best.

I am doing everything I can not to stress about this. However the nurse totally freaked me out this morning when she told me that on the 15th the doctor will check my follicles first and depending on my follicles that would decide whether I had the iui on the 15th, a few days later or even next month! Arghhh!! Thats when I lost my marbles a little bit

After that convo with the nurse thats when I knew that I know nothing about this iui proces and realized that I have soooo much to learn. This may be a dumb ? but what the heck are follicles and what do they have to do with whether an iui should be done or postponed until next month?? Now im tryimg to figure out what can I do to make sure that my follicles look good so that my iui is able to be done next week?!?

Just venting and going bonkerez over here you think that I am overanalyzing?? I should probably just stay positive and kno that all should/will be well w/my follicles and upcomong iui, right? You are probably thinking this girl is freaking out, deep breaths deep