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Re: my wife likely to diagnose with lyme..?

i got a call from both the office of the specialist, and our famiy doctor, within 3 minutes of each other saying that they're now expediting my wife's antibodies up to the Mayo Clinic.

The only reason i caught this mishap on their part is because i asked what exact test they ordered from Mayo, and it didn't match with what i was able to find that Mayo offers.

I know nothing about the procedures of these tests, nor how long blood and antibodies can remain intact for further testing.. i guess it's a gamble..

just shows that their procedures and quality controls are not fool proof, and you cannot rely on one test, nor one facility..

our LLMD appt is at the end of the month, we also see a neurologist prior to that to review the MRI, if there is possibly something else..

our family doctor mentioned that there may also be something related with the 8 cranial nerve.. don't know if anyone here has heard or familiar with this..?

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