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Re: ADHD education of critical importance


I am as dumb as dumb gets. I'll prove it to you. I am familiar with the math and some of the constructs applied to neuroscience. More often than not, my background helps me grasp basic neural mechanics faster than otherwise. How accurately? Probably not accurate enough to pass the most basic neuro science test. Almost accurate enough for our purposes? I'm not there yet but closing in on the target.

My knowledge base doesn't stop me from drawing really stupid conclusions based on really stupid logic. One of my better examples of just how low my dumbness can go is concluding that NORepinephrine prefix NOR is derived from the NotOr (NOR) logic gate and its C++ logic operator expression. The logical results returned from "if NOT(epinephrine==epinephrine OR norepinephrine == epinephrine)" would be there is no chemical that is epinephrine including epinephrine itself. In utter words, there ain't no such thing called epinephrine.

The NOR prefix is derived from NORmal. Chemically, the word "normal" is used to indicate the absence of a radical group, usually methyl. Epinephrine has the radical methyl compound. I guess we can use half of my bassackwards logic afterall. How bout "NOTNORepinephrine" to mean epinephrine. Damn, I may be NOTNOTDumber as I thought. Or does the logical operator "NOTNOT"Dumber return MOREDumber? Noooo. It returns as dumb but NOT dumber. Whew.

I've stumbled across some valuable info I wasn't directly searching for. I've had a persistent problem with logical operators of the brain type. I swear, Thu, a few of the doctors I visited impressed me as being incompetently dumb. Prior to seeking medical help with my newly dxed ADHD, 5 or 7 years or so, I viewed medical doctors with respect. I opinioned that it took brains, scholarship, 4 years of college, followed by another 8 years of medical school and internship (or is it more?) to make the grade. The job requires the ability to call on demand a gadzillion details and apply them correctly. Or someone dies. Heavy duty responsibility.

I got the missing link that caused me to over draw my bozo doctor conclusion. I was reading one of the many research reports when I saw it. Doctors do NOT want us as patients. Many doctors perceive us as far more trouble than what we are worth. They know amphetamines are most effective for managing ADHD. They also know that regardless of patient need, they cannot write too many amphetamine prescriptions or dare not exceed the recommended maximum dose. They'll have the FDA, DEA, FBI and CIA on their backs scrutinizing every more they make.

Another factor the research report noted was, especially adult ADHD patients do not respond nearly as well to mental disorder medications as do the patients with physical below the neck illnesses. We make doctors look bad. We make them look incompetent. I flamed two or three doctors right proper as I stormed out. Now I know their response I couldn't see. "Whew, good riddance."

What is motivating me to put so much effort into my research? Mistakes I made along the way to ADHD management.

I did not respond well to meds at the get-go. After I found a good psychiatrist and got the meds tweaked pretty well I did pretty well. Then I hit a plateau that kept me from more progress. It was then I realized that I needed CBT. The meds were doing their job. Teaching me the good habits and skills that ADHD prevented me from developing isn't in the medication's job description. I benefited nicely from CBT. Everyday I habitually use the principles learned. I'm not consciously controlling the skillset anymore than I'm consciously controlling my finger movements as I type now.

All along I continued to have a horrible time in the evenings after the meds wore off. I kept looking for a solution along the lines of CBT but found nothing. The ADHD rebound I experience has got to be among the worst. I lose control my thinking processes. The mental chaos does cause me anxiety. Anxiety does not precede the chaos. I think it a rational response to loss of control. Ever lose control of your car on black ice? I have on two occasions. Each case. "Oh, poop, that tree is in my path." The tree isn't moving and I can't control the direction or slow the speed of my car turned "Bob-sled." Hmn, fairly funny, pun, eh? I felt anxious worrying over how much damage I am about to sustain. Each case, I missed the tree. Both man and machine drove off unscathed. At about .5 MPH. I'll convert for you. About 0.8 km/h. Scared poopless.

Guanfacine is turning the trick for me. The lesson learned. Patient implementation of cognitive behavioral therapy requires the mental functions that ADHD deprives. CBT is worthless until after the meds are in place and stabilized. I tried my hardest to find a non-medical remedy but found nothing with lasting efficacy. The medical solution, guanfacine, is working. There are no work-arounds available until after the biology based problem is under control.

I never would have gotten a guanfacine prescription if I had not done my homework.

I'm sure the research I'm now doing will pay off in the not too distant future. This ADHD bug along with its comorbids seems to have a knack for getting loose on me after I get them nailed down tight.