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Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared

PrincessSweetNS-thanks so much for your response. You are a wealth of knowledge. You have taught me so much in this short span of time. You are a Godsend in this confusing time! On thursday me and my GF are going in for a consultation before our day 12 appt (hopefully iui appt) on sat, 1/15.

I am def working on staying healthy during this entire process. Ive lost about 50lbsin the past 3 years and have been at a healthy weight now for at least 2 years. I make sure to work put at least 4 to 5 times religiously. I decided this week im gonna kick it into high gear this week and workout 2 xday for the next week bc I read excercise helps. Plus ill probably go thru excercise withdrawal during my 2ww.

anywho I am staying positive for u and me...keep me updated on your progress as I will def be sure to keep updated on 2 u soon. U r still in my prayers and I am sprinkling tons of baby dust your way!