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Why can't I pleasure my girlfriend?

So my girlfriend and I have had sex a few times. She seems to have the inability to orgasm. I was not offended that me having sex with her did not give her an orgasm, because we are both relatively new at this sex thing and I have heard from other girls how hard it can be to orgasm or get any pleasure at all.

My girlfriend says she has never orgasmed. She recently bought a *****, partially as a joke with her friends. I am not offended. In fact, I think that if she can experiment with her body and find a way to give herself an orgasm or at least more pleasure, then her body and mind will be more open to it and she can help me give her more pleasure.

I think her problem is in that she doesn't know where the "G-spot" is. She insists that vaginal stimulation feels good, but I think its unfair that I can orgasm so easily and I feel like i am using my girlfriend since she gains nothing from it, physically.

Oral sex feels good on one particular spot for her, more on outside of the vagina on a spot we call "the button" because it feels like a button or bead beneath the skin, but mostly becuase it is sensitive, and does not get her near an orgasm.

Any suggestions? Does it make sense that a woman achieving her sexual peak may take time to get any real pleasure from it?
I have mentioned to her that perhaps she is not relaxed enough...

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