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Re: scar tissue

I to have been dealing with scar tissue pain and also have tried many of the medications you also have to no avail...the only relief I do get from the pain is to be in bed....I so very much do want to know once again what a "normal life" is. My orthopedic had told me for my situation there is no operation for scar tissue because it will only form again, so I was sent to Pain Management, there they have tried 2 Transformial ESI (epidural steriod shots) I got very little relief from them, so they have offered me the Spinal Stimulator Implant, with the process of having this done I am hoping for the trial run in early Feb. with my fingers crossed. I have been reading up on the internet on the stimulator and the pain doctors have given me some dvds to watch and it does sound like an option I am willing to try at this point to hopefully get to be able to function. Best wishes to you