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Re: Thought Broadcasting

Originally Posted by JMan73 View Post
well brotha, it sure is encouraging to hear about your successful recovery!!!
I suppose that after a while, it becomes more or less obvious that these 'symptoms' are in fact all in my head and basically hallucinations?
That would make it easier to dismiss......still seems pretty real unfortunately.......but good to hear it is possible to live a normal life again.....someday, maybe.
Nice talkin......thanks for your words, bro.....
hopin to make it through,
Like I said at first, I'm still not 100% sure what's real or not about what I went through with TB. So much of what I remember would have to be false memories that I don't even want to think about it too much. What I am fairly sure of, is that no one is hearing my thoughts anymore these days. And it's long since I last heard any voices or felt like I "communicated" with anyone. And I'm 100% sure that those parts of my psychosis were hallucinations. Mentally I just feel a lot more calm and focused, and those worries are like trivial non-issues most of the time. But I do still count my blessings every day I wake up with a clear head.

For me, getting better was more about just learning to keep a cool head and trying my best not to worry about it, than it was about convincing myself it wasn't real. That realization just kind of falls into place by itself as you get better. Psychosis is a chemical imbalance of the brain, a physical illness, with a complex healing process. It's really not something you can just reason yourself out of on a whim.