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Re: Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

Glad to hear of someone else with an anal fissure who doesn't have pain during a BM, since most people complain that their pain begins with that. I don't have pain during a BM but do at other times, sitting standing, walking. I've been dealing with this for about 4 months. I had to switch MDs to get the more modern treatments, Nifidepine and coming up, Botox. The Nifidepine worked for a while but then it seemed I became allergic to it because upon application I would get tremendous pain, and so I stopped it. I've also noticed and been told that most people with an anal fissure can exercise, etc and that does't cause them pain, but I'm the opposite. As long as I'm laying pretty flat, I'm OK, but I just can't sit for too long (not true if I've had a glass of wine or two) not can I walk for very long.

While waiting for myy insurance company to OK the botox, I started taking Valium this AM. Not sure if it's helped or not, but not very noticeable if it has. I know Botox is a 50/50 shot, but since surgery could cause incontinence, even if the odds are minimal, I prefer trying everything else.

Good luck and thanks for sharing your story because I was starting to think I was the only one with a fissure who didn't howl due to a BM.

Update: It's been a week since my Botox injections and no pain relief. I braved the snow and went back to the doctor's office but to see his partner. He too is not in favor of surgery yet and said if things don't improve, he advises another shot of Botox. Really liked this colorectal surgeon, has good reputation at NYU, so am going along with his advice. I mean when a surgeon isn't jumping to do surgery, it makes sense to listen.

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