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Re: Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

Originally Posted by tygriff View Post

Can you elaborate on your symptoms? Here are mine:

1. Slight discomfort (stretch feeling) at the start of a BM then no issues during the rest of the BM
2. For about 30-60 mins after the BM I am fine as well
3. Then I begin to feel a creeping, sharp pain that does NOT get excrutiating, it is just there and this occurs every couple of minutes over many hours at the sphincter area. These peaks of pain only last a couple of seconds. Between these it seems OK
4. Flexing of the sphincter muscle causes discomfort
5. Relief during the peaks of the discomfort can be achieved by pushing (like pushing out a BM).

Sound similar?
I sometimes will feel pain after a BM, and it does take a while if I do, and sometimes not at all. I think a lot of my pain comes from the "tag" rather than the fissure so since that is outside of the rectum, it doesn't get affected by the BM, but it does from other activity.

As an update, I'm getting Botox but since there's a lag before it comes in thanks to insurance red tape, I asked for and got a prescription for Valium. I'm sensitive to drugs so I started taking it today, only half a 5mg pill with breakfast and one with lunch, and while it makes me a bit drowsy, my pain is much reduced from yesterday or the past week. I guess I'll go ahead with the Botox but I wonder whether people with fissures would be helped by any drug that acts as a relaxant. (Wine works for me too.)