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Re: How do i get over my below knee amputation?

Originally Posted by DaMaster View Post
Im 24 and i have a below the knee amputation on my left knee i wont wear shorts and i dont want people to laugh at me or stir crap up so i wont tell anyone?
I too am a bka right (below knee amputee) since "96" should have been "94" but they wanted to try to build what the backhoe cut off, so for 2 years I went thru 23 surgeries and only to end up with them taking it off below the knee. Let me assure you that no one will laugh at you or attempt to start anything with you, I really don't see a whole of people starring at me, I wear shorts alot, I get alot of compliments with my prosthetis, I have the US Marine Corp logo since I was a Marine back in the early 70's. When I wear long pants to work, people tell me that if they did not know better, they would not even know I was an amputee. I find more people giving me atta boy for continueing on with my life as if nothing ever happened, for not letting"losing my leg" stop me from continueing my life. I raise my 10 year old grandson, I have had him since he was a week old, and I have 5 grandkids that help keep me young (lol). Things happen in life and we can do 1 of 2 things, (let it beat us or we beat it) and I believe you are one that will beat it. I belong to an Amputee Support Group in my town and we have alot of fun and we also cry with each other at other times when its necessary, but we continue on. Support Groups are a great place to vent, there is more room on the outside than on the inside, so wear them shorts and let the whole world know that you are an amputee and you are not going to let it win....Keep on keeping on. Best of luck...Live life to its fullist....

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