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Re: sudden, sharp chest pains on left side

I get the exact same thing. I'm a healthy 24 year old and I consistently get a sharp/shooting pain that (feels like) goes directly through my heart. I've had 3 EKG's, an Echocardiogram, 2 Chest X-rays and blood work twice. Everything came back normal. I really can't pin-point it to anything, my doctor really can't tell me anything other than its not cardiac. I still get them though and when I do, of course I think its cardiac.

-Aspirin has helped (maybe halts the inflammation?)
-Xanax has helped (maybe because when I'm on it, I don't care?)
-Marijuana has helped (I only smoke occasionally to help my anxiety and this halted the pains a tad)
-Prilosec and Tums, I really can't tell if they helped or not. Sometimes I think they do, but then other times I don't believe they did.

How are you feeling now? I'm in the hole about 2 grand for all my tests and I still don't know how these pains originated. Such a bummer. Please let me know!