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Re: Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

Originally Posted by sjb View Post
Hi I suspect sitting too much may decrease circulation to the area.
Since the pain can start after only a few minutes of sitting, I don't think it's a question of cutting off circulation. As I said, the pain seems to come from the tag, which is outside the rectum, so I think it's the pressure on the tag. I put a diaper rash ointment on the tag and provides some relief some times.

My goal is to get the fissure to heal so I try spending as little time doing things that cause pain as possible. I have a lounge chair in my office that keeps pressure off my anus area and that seems to work, though sometimes I have to go lie down.

I am also very sensitive to stress. It doesn't take much for my anus to tighten up, and that causes pain. Exactly how I'm going to cure myself of that I don't know, at least during business hours. Luckily for me I moved to a home office before this started so I don't have to commute and if I need to lie flat, my bedroom is down the hall. But if every time I feel a bit stressed my anus is going to tighten up, then I don't know what happens. Botox or surgery may help for a while but somehow I have to change the way I deal with stress, which is not that easy to do. Hard to meditate when you have an impatient client making all sorts of demands.

Also I take 3 stool softeners before I go to bed and have been drinking a ton of water (and peeing a ton too) but I can't say I'm impressed with the quality of my stools. For a while I was taking these pills that are for a colon cleansing, and they really softened my stools, but don't know whether that's a solution as you're not supposed to take them forever.

I hate the cold so being stuck indoors during this season isn't all that bad for me but I just hope I'm done with this when the weather turns nicer. I see people running on commercials and feel so jealous that if I so much as walk around the house too much I get stabbing pain.

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