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Re: Depression and feeling alone

Hi Tinkerbell... how are you today?

Well to answer your question, I don't really know if people treat me different or can see my depression. I think I manage to hide it fairly well when I have to be out and about. See what I do is keep to myself most of the time so it's hidden. It's like a double edge sword- I stay alone in part to hide my depression, but by being so alone my depression gets worse. It's like a vicious cycle. I'm realizing that I need to break it, but it is so hard and often I sit literally not knowing what to do.

Maybe the key is to set small goals that can at least be attainable. If that can be maintained for a bit then maybe that horrible paralyzed feeling will start to lessen.

Maybe if we share ideas for small goals and post about it that will help? It's worth a try.

I'll start. My work has been very slow and I've been in the house way to much. The weather is cold and there isn't really any place to go, BUT I can see being a recluse like this is NOT helping... so today my goal is to go out, go to the grocery store and get something decent to cook later. I am going to try and interact with the people I come into contact with- even if it is just to say - "how's it going" or "have a good day"... so- three tiny goals- get out of the house, have some interaction, and then try to enjoy cooking--- which I like to do, but often don't when I am severely depressed. I will let you know how it goes.

How about you?

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