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Smile Re: 1st iui next week..sooo nervous/scared

I have every hope to that you and all of us here will be getting a BFP soon. Are u takin meds to be starting an ivf soon? If so is ur next procedure going to be this month or next month? My iui has been delayed a few days.

My gf and I went in for a consultation on Thurs and now I am waiting for the opk to show a lh surge and then the doc said I will go in the next day for the iui. So ive been taking the tests like twice a day so that I am sure to catch the surge. My regular ovulation calendar says tha I should be ovulating on Sunday so I am so hoping to see the lh surge tomorrow. I keep wishing a smiley face to appear on the opk. But I kno I just have to be patient.

I cant imagine what the 2ww is going to be like if I can barely wait out these extra few How long have u been ttc? Just wanted to get to know you and ur situation a little better. I must say it really is nice having this kind of msg board to sound of on with us all virtually going thru the same thing.

Also do you have any advice on opk tests? Is there a certain time of day I should be taking it to ensure that I dont miss my lh surge? Ok guess i'll stop rambling in. sending lots of babydust your way and babydust to all!