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Re: Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

At first my pain was clearly from the spasing of the sphincter muscle. I would fine relief by laying on my bed and putting my feet up against the wall. Once I started taking Nifidepine, that pain disappeared but I would get pain outside the anus, I think where the tag is. Putting a diaper ointment would help. But I was also getting severe pain from the Nifidepine, like an allergic reaction (though MD says that's not possible) a strong burning that had me climbing the walls for half an hour or more. I stopped taking the Nifedipine and will be getting botox on Monday. For the moment I am taking valium, which seems to prevent the spasing pain, but I still get pain near or on or around the tag from sitting, standing or walking. If I walk around like a little old man, taking very small steps I can keep that pain down, but life sucks like that. I'm really hoping the Botox works. If not, on to surgery. If I keep my legs extended, lounging but not sitting, I can keep the pain down to what I would call discomfort, not real pain. But once I try to do anything, then I get pain.