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Re: Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

That seems similar but also different from me. The pain I feel after a BM is a faint 'stab' pain internally (almost behind the sphincter). I think it is related to the muscle in spasm. As it spasms, I get the faint stab pain. It is more annoying than painfull. In the past 4 days, things have been getting a lot better. The spasm pain only last about 30 minutes and then I am good until the next BM. The time seems to be getting smaller every day.

I am going to my GP on Jan 21st for a follow up. Up until now, I am just on diet alone (no drugs).

I feel I am just at the cusp on fully resolving this. Maybe GTN cream or similar could resolve this for good. At this point, the discomfort definitely does not warrant any surgery.

This is what confuses me, maybe it is not a fissure since the pain is so little.