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Re: Anal Fissure - I think but no significant pain

After fighting the fissures for the last several months, I decided to do the Botox since the pain was getting unbearable. About 2 days prior to the procedure, a sharp pain was really bothering me...after he looked, he said it was a skin tag at about the 12:00 position that he would "clip off" during the Botox that hurts. The Botox DOES help, but remember it only lasts for 3 months. If your fissures don't heal completely during the 3 months, it's back to square one. Mine has been bothering me again, but not as bad. DO EVERYTHING he tells you to do during that period...Fiber, fiber, fiber...keep things soft. I have found a combination of Metamucil and Miralax works pretty good. you still have bulk but you have soft bulk. Forget about taking a magazine to si and read...I'm up and down in 30 seconds with no straining. For now I'm feeling fine, not perfect, but fine. If the pain does get like it was before, I'll have to do the permanent solution.