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Misread signals? Or would this be too forward?

Hey all,

I about 3 weeks ago got out of a year + relationship. I am not distraught about it at all, and it was over for a long time prior for me, it was more a matter of just bringing myself to end things. I'd been ready to move on for awhile.

While I was dating this guy though, I met a somewhat older guy (I'm 23, he is 32) through mutual friends. I later ran into him at a Renaissance about 4 months later. I was in a hurry to make a show that was starting so I just was only able to run up, hug him with a big smile and say 'I'm running late, I can't talk, I'm sorry!'. of which he had a huge smile on his face while running at him and after the hug. After the show I was greeted by a flower girl who gave me a huge lovely bouquet of flowers and was under instruction to know if I was single or not. I at the time wasn't still so I had to say I wasn't. Now, to this day I still have no idea if it was the friend I hugged, but the looks and faces I get when I run into him just make me wonder. When a bunch of us would stand in a circle chatting I'd catch his gaze a couple times. Again, interest or just looking at people, I don't know.

The guy is an actor locally with the theaters in town. When my relationship had pretty much run it's course I had caught wind he was going to teach a class I, despite who was teaching it, wanted to attend. I contacted him via email to ask a couple questions about it, and we ended up writing several emails back and forth about each other, life, etc. There were small hints....or perhaps only nice remarks said on both parts. I ended up missing out on the class due to my car breaking down. He went out of his way to see I got refunded for the class I had to miss...again maybe just a nice gesture.

I invited him to a show last month and he came out. There were many mutual friends there though, not just me. I didn't get to talk to him much though since I was helping in the show and was running around doing my job. We did chat a little though and ended with a big hug and him saying 'it's always lovely to see you'. Again, hint or nice remark, I'm not sure.
We haven't spoken or emailed since then. I know he just picked up a new show and is busy at work with that. But on the flip side of if he is/was interested, he doesn't know I'm single either.

So just knowing that at face value, is he just being nice? Or is there more interest? Would I be entirely out of line to message him after not seeing him for a month to go out for coffee sometime? I don't want to come off like I'm bothering him or being creepy if he was just trying to be nice.

Thoughts? Thanks!

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