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Re: antibiotic treatment

Originally Posted by sharimagia View Post
Hello everyone! well since Feb. of this year I have been on the antibiotic protocol treatment. At first, I was very proactive with the treatment but my stubborn head i end up getting off of it. Then in May i developed shingles and it made me very sad to developed another ailment. Since July i went back on the antibiotic and i am going to commit to taking it. I am also taking prednisone and methotrixate.I am also very vigil on my eating habits. I eat at least 5 or 6 servings of raw vegetables every day and try to only to eat only the healthy things and a occasion of something sweet but i try to be modest with that. I found good sweets that are healthier than regular cookies and ice cream. I also take supplements: turmeric, probiotics, krill oil, creatine and i will buy other supplements like vitamin c,and e. When i went to the doctor before i started back taking the antibiotic my cpk was around 4,000 i went to the doctor two weeks ago and it went down to 3,000. I will continually to be optimistic on my progress and continue to pray for my progress. I decided to add exercise more often in my day by walking everyday and stretching, and weight lifting. The weight lifting is just my five lbs. weigh and do curls and moves with it. The weight moving can get hard but i am determine to improve i am sick of being this way. Wish me luck everyone! Also when i went to the doctor my AST is almost back to normal...
Boy you are really diligent about getting well. How are you doing? My polymyositis is under control. I am now trying to get off the Medrol after 25 years. My Adrenal gland just wont kick back in, so I guess I will be on a low dose the rest of my life. I hope you are in the best of health. Are you still on the antibiotics?
Hang in there!!