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Re: Over seven years without a sinus infection. Needless to say, I LOVE 3% Peroxide!


Am 27 year old ..I have had sinusitis from childhood due to DNS, but i would only have issues during winters

from past 1.7 years i am suufferung from constant sore throat, my CT scan showed severe sinusitis due to my deviated septum to my left but i never had a any pain ,just blocked nose ,,,, I was advised a septoplasty ,tonsillectomy & FESS .. i got it done last jan 2010...

But i dint have any relief with my sore throat.... I have countless courses of antibiotics,Antihitamine,Nasal spray,PPI's with no relief...

After few months of my surgery i started having pain in my sinuses,especially my left side and my left nostril was getting blocked,upper left jaw and teeth hurt

My latest CT scan showed a Maxillary sinusitus and polypoid mucusal thicking on my left side & Post surgical defect(MY ENT dint bother about this)

All the ENT's and MD's i have seen tell me its because of my PND my throat is sore(Red bumps back of throat)..My ENT also said that i have LPR... but PPI's dint help either

I have been trying Salt water and baking soda after the sugery(infrequently) using a Bulb syringe made out of rubber but i still have the sore throat and sinus pressure and left nostril is blocked..My mucus is comes thick white when i do the sinus flush ,but when i stop it and redo the sinus flush after 3days ,,the mucus turns thick yellow or green

I want to try out this method along with H2O2 but i was only able to get hold 6 % H202 laboratory reagent ,i am in india,, so am not sure whether we have 3 % H202

can i use 6% H202 by diluting it?if so how much ?

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