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Re: Dad addicted to Nyquil

Oh Child I am sorry for you. I say child as I am 42 and old enough to be your mama. My advice to you is listen to your sister cause it sounds like alzheimers could be in very early stages. Look for the signs and symptoms cause sometimes it progresses rapidly. As for the Nyquil don't give him too much grief cause obviously it isn't going to help. You might just mention it in a casual setting but don't appear to be lecturing him. One thing an older military parent hates is being on the other end. lol. I know you love your dad and think pot would be better for him but it might set him off more if he has big time anger issues. Pot affects everyone differently. And again as a parent....don't tell him. You sound reasonably smart so you read up on it and decide for yourself how it affects you. Just keep watch on him and see if you can figure out just how much nyquil he is actually using. Acetaminaphin is rough on the liver and it can be very dangerous to him. maybe if you sort of had that discussion and slipped in about the nyquil having it. Sorry not to be of much help to you

Let us know how he is doing