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Re: Anyone with Firbo and Obease considering or have had Lap-Band placed?

I actually was wondering exactly the same thing. I am overweight, always have been and probably always will be. I struggled to lose weight when I was healthy- it was extremely hard no matter what I tried (weight watchers, prescription meds, etc) But since I am not quite super overweight no doctor has ever suggested it.

Now with fibro I cannot lose weight, even things that used to work have no effect on my body. Last spring I was having a good spell and was walking 6 miles at least 5 days a week sometimes more and cut all all sweets and really cut my portion sizes way down. I lost nothing. Not one pound. In fact each time I go to the doctor I seem to gain weight each time.

Not sure though that I want to attempt something so drastic because I am wondering if it will actually work, how the changes could effect the fibro, and if it will stay off. And I am sure there is not a doctor out there that could tell me!