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Re: ADHD education of critical importance

Bravo Bob! I especially like what you said about the use of meds and "irrationally rejecting pyschiatric care". Both improve "quality of life", and that of course, is a very good thing. Some people don't believe in the use of meds, but I look at it this way. There are many disorders/illnesses, some more serious than attention defficit, some less, some fatal, that meds, under a Dr's care, are used to treat. They greatly improve the "quality of life" for a lot of those people, in some cases, keep them alive. I believe, ADD/ADHD should be treated the same way. I, for one, feel much more alive than ever, and now have a more positive outlook on life, following diagnosis, and treatment(with meds and shrink). The meds are helping me improve my relationship with my wife. For example, COMMUNICATION, which is the biggest thing I can think of in a marriage, or any partnership. I like seeing the shrink because it's "maintenance" and "preventative maintenance" , for me. I will, guess I already have, work on getting my "A.D.H.D." in ADHD. The best part is, I won't ever model the negativity associated with ADHD, to my son, and I can look out for signs, and symptoms, if he is inflicted with the disorder as well. Plus, I'll know what to do and expect. I wish I had been diagnosed as a kid, I could have been so much more!( I'll get over it) The more I educate myself in ADHD, and follow through with ALL avaialble treatment, the better for myself and my family!

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