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Re: Difficulty Reaching Diagnosis

I am having diagnostic dilemma.Have aways had slow GI motility,difficulty swallowing.Was diagnosed with esophageal stricture with pill obstruction.Swallowing difficulty persisted despite dilation.Recently diagnosed with eosinophilic esophagitis. Had endoscopic bowel perforation with upper and lower endoscopy.Recent total hysterctomy for uterine adenocarcinoma.Had ascites postop. Abdomen visibly larger on one side postop.Opposite side had paracentesis showing, lymph fluid.Then developed genital edema on side with increased abdominal appearance. Edema then became evident on both legs,followed by buttocks,flanks,breasts and upper arms.Painful nodules started in groin and are now behind knees,in elbow creases,under arms,neck,upper ribs below armpits,upper outer arms.An area on larger abdominal side feels cooler to touch.Lower back pain then started.Lumbar spine MRI shows bulging disc,degenerative verterbrae.Have had carpal tunnel and symptoms now intolerable.Most recently when standing,increases if legs are lifted while lying on back or when standing causes numbness in feet and calves.Abd CT with no contrast shows no lymph node issues or tumor.Infectious lab work neg.Sed rate normal Cbc normal.Symptoms have evolved in order stated over 6 month period after surgery and all present still.Long post but need help

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