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Re: Secondary Hypo/Primary/Enlarged Pit. Gland

Originally Posted by Kimmie72 View Post
Hey...I read your post and I am sorry you are going through all of this. I wonder about these doctors, they scare me to death because they all look at things so much differently...who do you trust? I wanted to share my story with you...because the doctor is thinking I may be Hypo due to possible pit gland or hypothalumus.

I am new to this board, but not new to thyroid problems. I was Dx is September 2008 with HyperT. I had every symptom you could possibly have with it. I was put on Beta Blockers and Methimazole 10 mg 2 x a day. I had to stop taking Methimazole because the end of Dec. 2008 I was severely Hypo. Had a Thyroid U/S...which showed two nodules on both sides. Had a Thyroid uptake scan done and one of the nodules in the right side showed a hyperfunctioning adenoma.

Thyroid uptake
6 hour 28%
24 hour 54% ( which is elevated from normal limits)

TSH 0.007 Range 0.450-4.500
Free T4 2.07 Range 0.61-1.76
Free T3 5.9 Range 2.3-4.1
TSI 93 Range below 125

Then Dec. 2008 TSH was 45.52 Range 0.450-4.500, FT3 was 2.07 range 2.24-4.08, FT4 0.45 range 0.64-1.64 !! So he told me to stop methimazole asap. Mt next labs were in 2/09, TSH 0.626 range 0.450-4.500, FT4 1.34 range 0.61-1.76, FT3 3.6 range 2.3-4.2
Then 3/25/09 FT4 1.18 same range as above, FT3 3.6, same range above, TSH 0.205, same range above
Then 6/09 TSH 0.470 range 0.450-4.500, FT4 1.24 range 0.61-1.76, FT3 3.0 range 2.3-4.2
July 2009 TSH 0.553 same range above, FT4 1.09 same range above, FT3 2.5 same range as above

I have other labs but need to fine them...Lately or the past few weeks I have been feeling really tired, sweating, feeling hot then freezing, weight gain over the past few months. I have always been pretty skinny girl until past few months...I am soo hungry and I want to eat and I
I started to a new Endo because mine left the state. I went today to have a cortisol and prolactin test done.My TSH 0.76 not sure what range was, I think it started at 0.80 or a little higher. Then he took my Free Thyroxine 0.93 range 0.55-1.42 then he took my TU Uptake 32 range 30-39...I guess after seeing my thyroid levels, he requested the cortisol and prolactin. He called me today and said that I am def not HYperT....if anything I am HYPO and he said he was looking at my pituitary gland????? I am confused..If that is the case, how do they treat this? How can I be Hyper, then turn to Hypo? I also had a new U/S done and it only shows that I have ONE tiny nodule on my right side 2x3 mm....what happened to the other three nodules I had at the beginning of all of this? So confused...anyone have any thoughts... Thanks alot
Your thyroid my have rit your body of thyroid by oversupplying- dumping into you system. With the excess thyroid gone you are now becoming hypo. Just a thought. Lisa aka HypoGal