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Re: ADHD education of critical importance


Here is a quote from *****. "The negative consequences of not using medication for children with ADHD have to be weighed against the known risks. Long-term outcome studies have now been conducted with large numbers of adults diagnosed with ADHD as children, and one clear finding is that those who received medication for their disorder in childhood are more functional and have a better quality of life as adults than those who had the symptoms of the disease but did not receive medicine."

I think you just said the same, eh? A got to do a really important tangent right now. I don't think I ever mentioned to Thunor that I know two guys that live in Edmonton. I meet them on a job about 8,9,10 years ago. I'm going to tell you straight out, all of you English speaking Canadians must be speed freaks because that "eh" thing ain't no word wisker, it's Tourettes. I'm taking tics. Those boys said "eh" every other word. I started busting chops by imitating "eh" every other word. I ended up infected with the damn "eh" tic. Enough has passed to get myself disinfected. But I don't know if Thunor is really Canadian. He doesn't do "eh." When I watched Canadian TV news, them anchor guys and girls don't "eh" either. I synched up real nice with those Edmonton guys. I dig Canadians.

More from *****. "The symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are not physical symptoms such as ear pain or vomiting but rather exaggerated or unusual behaviors. The type and severity of symptoms vary greatly among people with ADHD. The severity of symptoms depends on the degree of abnormality in the brain, the presence of related conditions, and the individual's environment and response to that environment."

Most members of this board have more brains than the sum total of all other ADD boards on the Internet. Thunor, JaneWhite, (I'm coming around slowly but surely) easily grasp the concept of degree. Wow, that is deep. We figured it out before *****. I've told people who are obviously NOT ADHD about my dysfunction and they've responded with "I got that too." Bull Poop.

JaneWhite was the first I remembered saying, "we don't all live in the same house." Wow, that is deep. A bozo from HMS named Timothy Leary blow his brains out with LSD. The psychosis was so deep that he actually believed he was one with the universe. Bozo. <sarcasm>I have my universe. What's more, my universe is the only universe. If I experienced it, it's true. If I haven't experienced it, it has to be Bull Poop.</sarcasm>

I have experienced "my degree of abnormality in the brain, the presence of my related conditions, and my individual's environment and my response to that environment." My universe has the same dimensions as my hat size. Kinda small, ain't it?

Yet, we see far too often, "my kid will never be put on drugs," Or "if you take the damn speed you'll end up like them "eh" guys up north. Good. I like those types.

BTW ADHD damn near cost me my marriage. Yes, my wife and I spent the first month banging each other non-stop. Then she started with that "communication" thing. I knew she was right. I could not figure out why I had so much trouble "communicating." I wanted to, but couldn't. Just like you.

Another rip from *****. "

The six major tasks of executive function that are most commonly distorted with ADHD: (Comments are based on prior to diagnosis and therapy)

1) shifting from one mind-set or strategy to another (that is, flexibility); Me to the max.

2) organization (for example, anticipating both needs and problems); Me to the max.

3) planning (for example, goal setting); Me to the max.

4) working memory (that is, receiving, storing, then retrieving information within short-term memory); Me to the max squared.

5) separating emotions from reason; Me but understandably so. I knew since first grade I have above intelligence. But why do I act so stupidly? As if I had no more wisdom than a child. I must be dumb, stupid, lazy, rebellious and irresponsible just like everyone tells me. But I ain't. I know I ain't. No one could see that my expenditure of effort to walk the walk was herculean.

6) regulating speech and movements appropriately. I'm doing better but bad words, conclusions, decisions, come out of mouth before I thought it.

I was out clearing my yard with a snow blower this AM. I asked my wife to please move the blow dryer back a few feet so I could get my truck out. Without saying a word, she moved the snow blower back a few feet.

I hope you didn't read my implusive conclusion on the NOR prefixed to epinephrine. How the hecks can I be so stupid. I'm not. I thought it. I wrote it. Without thinking about it. Another example of my screwing words up. I'd tell my boss that the NOT operator is urinary. OR is duoterry. And C even has a three-a-terry thing-a-giggy looks like this: a ? b : c See a,b,c = three thing-a-jiggies. Look at OR see Condition1 OR Condition2 is 2 thing-a-jiggs. NOT(Condition) One thing a jiggy but the smart guys call it urinary.

I will admit to some exaggeration for the sake of humor but not much. I easily learned and remembered the syntax but not what the smart guys call it. What for? The compiler never asked if I know the "cool" name. Besides, urinary is so funny. "Unary" doesn't crack a smile. No one except me knew the truth. I wasn't trying to be funny, my ADHD brain referenced a nearby memory address cuz the reference to "unary" got lost along the way sometime back. I'll confess, I had to look it up. NOT = Unary; OR = Binary; "? :" is a ternary operator.

I got to go back to work. Damn it. Later.


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