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Re: ADHD education of critical importance

I guess I should explain why ADHD has cost me some of the things I mentioned, as the purpose of this thread is to further educate people on this subject(I'm sure most of you know this already, but for the people who don't)

1. Jobs

-ADHD'ers frequently become bored, and lose interest, resulting in poor performance. Of course, focus ex. careless mistakes etc. The list goes on.

2. Relationships(of all sorts)

-communication is usually the key issue, because from what I understand is the we have a hard time explaining ourselves, are easily frustrated, and most times drift away from a conversation with our loved ones, making them feel as if we don't care.

3. Proper Education

-we all should know this one through experience!

There's a ton of ways ADHD can "wreak havoc" in our lives, if not understood, and treated! Gotta go, it's evening, Adderall has worn off, and I have to focus my attention elsewhere. I figured I'd post this before I forget, no time to proof read, or patience, so I will impulsively hit the "post quick reply" button. My counsellor(who is ADD), told me I should learn to laugh at some of my "no harm" ADHDisms.

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