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Re: ADHD education of critical importance


Thunor suggested that my "go back on Effexor" advice was based on Effexor + Adderall worked for you. That was about 10% of it. The other 90% is knowing Effexor withdrawals are more than difficult. They can be life threatening. I tried to find research studies that may have been conducted on Effexor's withdrawals. The one and only study was conducted by Effexors manufacturer Wyeth. Wyeth found no problems. Hmm.

I found a couple figures I think are good approximations. 78% of Effexor users experience withdrawal side-effects. The FDA claims 9% experience "serious" withdrawals. FDA defines "serious" as side effects that cause death, hospitalization, cancer, permanent disability, or birth defects. Based on the over-whelming number of Effexor withdrawal horror stories, I'll venture that a large percentage of the (78% - 9% = 69%) were reports that fell a little short of "death or permanent disability." I read a few reports (I got to start counting to be more specific) in the 4 to 5 range about the withdrawal nightmare going on for 2 to 3 years. And double the reports where withdrawals went on for months.

So, my friend that don't speak french, be careful. You are dealing with a dangerous syndrome. Every recommendation I found said the same. Your doctor should monitor you closely as he gradually reduces the dose over a period of month or two or more. The brain zapping became intolerable to some of those that went cold turkey and in desperation they went back on Effexor.

You don't need a withdrawal problem this serious while tackling the opening moves on ADHD. I can see everything getting blow to heaks on you. I should say, if I found myself in that boat, I be down faster than the titanium.

That's the real why I said what I said. Good advice or bad? It depends on how closely your universe parallels mine. My 2centAdvice.1001. See what gives for another week. It could just zap right out of you done with it. At the end of the week, do an honest appraisal on yourself. Will the zaps blow up your ADHD launch just off the pad? Then do what you need to do. I do recommend your doc should be involved in your detox if not monitoring it already. After doing the research, my "severe" assessment on Effexor withdrawals has gone up a notch. I did not appreciated the necessity for medical supervision.


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