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Angry A shampoo can't really "nourish" the hair, can it?


My question is about whether shampoo can really "nourish" one's hair.

I know that shampoos, conditioners, oils ....etc can make our hair better, shinier, smoother. But they work on the exterior part of the hair + the scalp.

So, can a shampoo or an oil really get inside the scalp to the "root/bulb" of the hair and nourish it?

Common sense tells me "no". Someone might get hurt if those chemicals really get inside! The bulb of the hair has blood veins and stuff like that I guess.

I always say this when someone claims that this shampoo or oil gets inside and nourishes the hair, or help it grow faster. I remeber seeing an adv that shows an animation where their shampoo gets to the bulb and make it healthy and happy!

So, am I right or wrong?

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