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Re: Thought Broadcasting

Are these not just simply prolonged withdrawal symptoms that we have just never been told about??? In my case, I believe they are. I used to use weed, caffeine, nicotine, or sex heavily all day anytime I had stress. My instantaneous reflexes have been uncontrollable because I never had to experience certain stresses at all. Yes, I have a mental disorder, but the longer I simply stay clean and endure this nonsense it keeps getting easier and easier. So I guess my only admonition is just stay from whatever stress coping mechanism and allow your body to adjust so it isn't so hyper sensitive.

I experienced this thought broadcasting relentlessly and painfully for about 2 solid years after quitting an all day everyday weed habit. And I can't believe that alot of this has just gone away the longer I simply stayed absolutely clean. I had to start believing in life. So, 2 years from today, I would be surprised if you experienced such severity of symptoms if your body was able to readjust on its own. It sucks, but I believe its all about patience and endurance and fearlessly experiencing what has to be experienced and relief will be inevitable. You don't know when, but endure to the end and it will be found.

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