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Trigger point therapy for rotator cuff diagnosis

Has anyone successfully used trigger point therapy to treat your pain with a diagnosis of a rotator cuff tear?

After several weeks in PT (doing gentle exercises/stretches without weights), my pain has steadily worsened to the point that I now have mild-to-moderate pain almost all the time. Small items are getting more difficult to lift. The only time I'm without pain is in the morning after sleep (i.e. doing nothing with my arm) or after taking 2-3 days off from the exercises.

While researching other options, I happened upon a book about treating frozen shoulder with trigger point therapy. The book's preface (and consumer reviews) are very convincing, and let me to wonder if it might be effective for my situation.

I hate to buy another book, and potentially waste another few weeks of time, if it doesn't work. I'm not the type to try just anything, but I often wonder if traditional medicine has the answer I am seeking. What if the pain is due to trigger points, and not from the RC tear itself? Lots of people have RC tears but don't have any related pain.

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