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Re: 23 years later and still can't

Originally Posted by amygdala View Post
You betcha there are many men who simply can't/won't let go of their first love/sole mate. Sure you have made another life for yourself, but I'll bet it;s the "what if's" that are killing you. Try looking for a recent photo of her -- you just may be cured if she is not what you remember her to be????
Thank you Amygdala, but unfortunately I know exactly what she looks like, where she lives etc. I believe this is what makes it so bad. We even had some conversations about nine years ago, what a mistake that was. Just fired it all up again. The conversation, meeting was unavoidable. Now, if there is even a remote chance of running into her I avoid whatever the event is. Funerals for old friends and family etc.

Thank you for the reply.