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Re: Ankle Fusion vs BTK Amputation

I too have thought about BTK amputation. I had a dr. suggest it to me before my most recent surgery as a way to get my life back.

I've had 5 surgeries(including the frame removal) for multiple ankle issues which have now turned to arthritis. I had an ankle distraction arthroplasty done in June with an external fixator. This was a last ditch effort to avoid fusion. I'm afraid with fusion I will be unhappy about the loss of ROM. I am a karate instructor and used to compete internationally in TKD. Running was also something I loved to do. I used to work out 3 hours a day. Now, I can't walk from one end of my house to the other. Our last vacation we went to visit a bunch of museums with the kids and I had to be in a wheel chair the whole time. I often think that if I had the amputation already I could have walked.
My problem is that after my last surgery I developed RSD/CRPS and I wonder if the nerve pain would increase with amputation. I know the joint pain would be gone, however.
I would be interested to hear what you all decide and how things progress. I have children who have told me that would be freaked out by amputation, but I know they can't enjoy their mom being in a wheel chair when they are out and about too.
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