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Red face GP didn't even give referral

So I have been having problems with my shoulder ever since I started working at Woolworths 8 years ago (I stopped working there but it has only gotten worse since) as a service cashier and I have been in one car crash which didn't seem to affect my existing problem.

I have tried physiotherapy-they only gave me exercises to do, hardly any physical help at all. I have tried a chiropractor-way too expensive for short lived results, I even get the feeling they made it worse. I have been to see my GP recently and all they can say is... nothing, no referral or anything.

So my shoulder sort of clicks when I move it and has sharp pains occasionally, even when I am sitting or standing still. My muscle feels sort of soft and more loose away from my shoulder than the other one. It's as if the pain is spreading because recently my neck has been hurting aswell and I have some strange jaw clicking problems, on top of these I get migraine about once a month too, haha.

My question is what type of therapy should I try next? Yoga? More physical therapy? Get an MRI?

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