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Possible throat/tonsil growth?

My concerns are a bit lengthy but I hope that you could provide any type of insight.

I'm a 26 year old male and I've become very worried. I guess I'll start my story from the beginning.

My whole life I've had tonsil problems on and off -- occasional tonsil stones, tonsillitis, etc. I've always noticed my left tonsil to be larger than the other. A year ago, my left tonsil and the surrounding area swelled up greatly and I was diagnosed with mono. I was sick in bed for a couple weeks and then I was fine. A couple months later I started getting a variety of other symptoms - constant canker sores, persistent cough, enlarged submandibular salivary gland on the right side, enlarged nontender cervical lymph nodes on both sides.

About two or three months ago, in order to ensure everything was okay, I was given a nasal endoscopy by an ENT, a chest xray, CT scan of the neck, ultrasound of the lymph nodes in the neck and a fine needle biopsy of the largest lymph node of the neck.

All checked out clear.

Now a here I am, still with the swollen lymph nodes and salivary glands, and in the last couple days I've noticed that I get a little stinging sensation deep in the left side of my throat - especially when eating or drinking something strong or citrusy. I've read online that this could be a sign of throat cancer?

What are the odds given the range of tests I've had that this is some kind of undiagnosed neck/throat/tonsil cancer? Would tonsil cancer have shown up in the FNA biopsy? Would some kind of growth have been apparent on the CT scan? Would something have been visible on the endoscopy?

Also, it has been two or three months since these tests were done. What are the chances that something was undetectable during that time but has developed since then?

On Feb 7, I go back to the ENT for a three-month, post-biopsy check but if you could address these questions to save myself some anxiety in the meantime, I would be very, very grateful.

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