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Re: Possible throat/tonsil growth?

Hello scaredscared,

I feel your pain. I used to suffer from tonsilitis chronically, and honestly the biggest thing that changed it for me would be my diet. I literally changed my body around completely just by making sure I am getting the right vitamins. I wouldn't be too worried, being that you were checked up 3 months ago. Have you tried gargling with salt water? Another thing, I am surprised that your doctor didn't suggest you getting a tonsillectomy, being you have had problems with your tonsils. Maybe next visit you should ask your doctor about that. My cousin used to get alot of the same problems that you are discribing, enlarged tonsils, the pain, the whole works, and she had hers removed, and never had anymore problems. Hope this helps. I would definitely ask your doctor about a tonsilectomy, believe me, it is so worth having!


Sounds like it is your diet causing the bad breath. My friend had the same problem a while back. Are you flossing at lease once daily? That's a great way to keep any bacteria that is causing smell in between your teeth. Are you a heavy coffee drinker, that can also cause bad breath. I would just try eating healthier and see what happens. Maybe switch over your toothpaste. I use the plain baking soda one. Most people are always so concerned to go for the scented ones like peppermint. The baking soda is what actually fights the smells. So maybe try that out? Or, use baking soda as a mouthwash, works wonders. Just a tbsp of baking soda, to luke warm water, and hold in mouth for 30 seconds, then make sure to rerinse with water, it should block the smells. Hope this helps