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Re: CVID Insurance & Medicine in the US

Two brands here. Hizrenta, a CSL Behring product is a 20% concentrate. The other Gamunex-C was just FDA approved. It generally has less side effects and a better half life, but it is only a 10% solution. You'll have to infuse almost twice as much to get the same number of grams of IgG. It is manufactured by Talecris. < edited >
I've been on IViG for over 27 years.
good luck on health insurance. The only way you will ever get coverage with your preexisting condition is through an employer plan. You're going to need to get a job.
At present there are no individual plans that will pay for preexisting conditions. At best you will pay out of pocket for a 6 month or 1 year period. That's a tough pill considering a price of about $75 a gram for IG.

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